Dubberly Design Office analyzed typography on Kindle and suggested ways the experience of reading might be improved.

We produced a sequence of four reports leading to specific recommendations:

  1. The first report provided an overview of typography.
  2. The second described how computers have changed type and typesetting.
  3. The third described how Kindle implements type and typography.
    We also produced a Kindle Font Specimen Book as a supplement to the third report.
  4. The fourth report suggested ways the experience of reading on Kindle might be improved.

All four reports are organized in a similar structure, beginning with an overview and preceding from glyphs to pages to books to collections for Latin and other character sets.

Download the Understanding Typography PDF (8.5 MB)
Download the Understanding Digital Typography PDF (10.5 MB)
Download the Kindle Font Specimen Book (63.2 MB)
Download the Understanding Typography on Kindle PDF (12.8 MB)
Download the Recommendations for Kindle PDF (13.1 MB)

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