National Geographic is a well-loved and respected brand that is 125 years old. Like many media companies, the organization seeks continued relevance in a world in which print magazines are disappearing.

From the beginning the National Geographic Society has been a member-based organization. The Society wanted to re-imagine membership: expand its reach, connect with a young, global audience, and build the foundation for an engaged social platform.

Signals were everywhere: new forms of storytelling, citizen science, teaching and learning platforms, meeting up for fun and social change. The signals suggested a model of engagement connecting members to:

  • other members
  • explorers
  • research
  • content
  • the diversity of life
  • events
  • the society and
  • the future

From this engagement model, a number of projects followed: an online member center, a real-time member database and a SaaS architecture in which services could interact, and ultimately, the creation of a membership platform to support rich member experiences.

NatGeo_2 Imagining NatGeo as a platform for community storytelling.

NatGeo_3 Understanding trends shaping the business environment.

NatGeo_4 Creating a Member Center as the foundation for a digital membership platform.

NatGeo_5 Connecting members locally through groups, Meetups, and projects.